OHHH! Happiness is MY new dresser! Where to start with this one??? Let’s start with IKEA…this is an IKEA Hemnes dresser that we bought about 2 years ago. We needed another dresser STAT in this house and IKEA was the choice. I have been meaning to paint this dresser for a little while now because I’ve been dying to personalize it. It wasn’t bad before, but I just wanted it to be different and feel more like us. 

Recently I was hanging out with Laura from The Ironstone Nest (super, awesome, amazing gal right there). She carries the Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Line, which I love using. Well the company that produces Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint, the Homestead House Paint Co. has come out with a new line of Acrylic furniture paint. What is absolutely amazing, stunning, brilliant, and makes me pretty happy is that their acrylic paints are no VOC. I get real stoked about that because I do all of my painting in my house and I hate to think that I’m exposing my furry family to toxins. 

Laura suggested that I give this acrylic paint a go round and see what I thought about it. The real big news about this paint it that there’s no need for surface prep and no need for a top coat. There, I said it. It’s unheard of. So OF COURSE I will try this paint. 

What we have here on my very one of a kind Ikea Hemnes is Homestead House Paint Company’s Zero VOC Acrylic Furniture Paint in Cartier. I think I can safely say my favorite color (or at least my color of the moment) is green. This is a gorgeous, sophisticated green and I wish the room I was keeping it in were not also a shade of green (wall color is Ralph Lauren’s Khaki). 

I am actually really impressed by the paint so far. I used it in my spray gun and it flowed through great without any need for thinning. The paint gripped on to the dresser without any sanding (honestly I barely even cleaned it, just a quick wipe with a damp cloth before I sprayed). The finish is eggshell and it dries super hard. I recently finished this one so we’ll see if it holds up to my regular day to day beating. So far so great. I’m a fan and I want more :)

Let’s talk fretwork now. I stumbled upon O’verlays one time in my crazy searching of the internets. I was so impressed by the way the fretwork glams up a piece of furniture and the fact that they make overlays specifically for Ikea furniture…now that’s something. I ordered up the O’verlay kit for Ikea Hemnes 3 drawer in the Anne pattern, 1/8” thick. I used Gorilla glue to apply them to the dresser and there you have it…insta-glam. 

Lastly, that hardware!! I saw these knobs on…well I forgot because I look at too much stuff, but saw that I could find them at Anthro. Bought myself 6 of them and they are just perfection. I love them. I go into my room at least 2-5 times per hour to look at the whole thing when I’m home. That’s normal behavior around here, the dogs come along too…it’s like a parade. 

There’s a whole lotta info. in this post, so if you are curious about anything…just holla.

You can buy the acrylic furniture paint online HERE and try for yourself!

Have a fabulous day!